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Welcome to MEDrefer and the MEDrefer Blog

This is a big day for us at MEDrefer.

We’ve officially entered the soft-launch phase for our online search and referral tool, MEDrefer.

It’s not yet fully functional – some key features are still being tested – but in the meantime, we thought it was time to share our practitioner search tool with you. We’re hoping you’ll find it useful and that you find some new practitioners nearby that you weren’t aware of.

Register as a GP, Specialist, or Allied Health Professional today at

or learn more about the tool and the features that we’re confident will forever change the way Australian medical practitioners refer their patients to each other.

As you use it, keep some notes, and please, pass them on to us, good and bad. We’re committed to building a tool that responds directly to your needs as practitioners. We’ve been working hard over the last eight months by engaging you directly at conferences, summits, and in your practices. Now MEDrefer is entering the next phase of its life, where we can demonstrate both the fruits of those efforts and our commitment to continually enhance the tool in response to the feedback of you, our users.

Best of all, for a limited time, its free for everyone to use.

When we launch our referral engine in early July, it will cost Specialists and Allied Health Professionals a rather modest $3.90 (ex. GST) per referral they accept.

For GPs, it will be free forever.