Latest MEDrefer release supports ADHA Secure Messaging standard

The upcoming release of the MEDrefer eReferral platform supports new Australian industry standards for secure messaging, developed by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) in collaboration with healthcare software vendors like ourselves, furthering our commitment to deliver the highest quality referrals via the most secure channel available.

In addition to our market leading eReferral search engine and directory, MEDrefer now integrates with Australian provider directories compliant with the Australian Profile for Provider Directory Services (PD 2 on FHIR R4) such as those maintained by secure messaging vendors. This integration allows MEDrefer users to easily search for and refer to Australian providers who use secure messaging services which implement this new standard, such as Medical-Objects, Argus and HealthLink, in addition to those already using MEDrefer to receive referrals.

Our support of the new secure messaging standard builds on MEDrefer’s long established “guaranteed delivery” framework. This ensures message delivery regardless of the technical capability of the receiving site, thereby maximising our reach to cover the broadest range of healthcare services. GPs and other referrers can be confident that the message will always get through to their chosen recipient in the quickest, most secure way possible, ensuring safe transfer of care for their patients.

Beyond message delivery, MEDrefer’s eForm based referral authoring mandates the minimum information required by recipient specialist services, auto-populated from the GP’s electronic patient record. Along with the referral letter, the structured form data can be delivered to the recipient site to support triage, decision support and to streamline patient registration by eliminating the need for manual transcription by admin staff.

When combined, the new messaging standard and our next generation referral forms deliver the highest quality referrals to the right recipient at the right time via the most secure channel available.

The new release (V9.0 and V1.8 of our Windows app, MEDrefer Manager) is scheduled to go live this Friday, October 2nd.

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