We’re Blogging Again!

This year has been a very exciting time for MEDrefer. And in that excitement, our blog has not received as much attention as it should. We plan to change that, but first we’ll tell you a little about what we’ve been up to in the interim.

We’ve integrated with leading clinical software Best Practice. This has given us the opportunity to combine the MEDrefer referral process seamlessly into the program that over 40% of Australian GPs use every day.

We’ve seen our database continue to grow, making it one of the leading specialist databases in Australia. We have plans to expand it even further but we can’t share all the details on those plans just yet!

We’re also preparing to release updates aimed specifically at Practice Managers. We’re always looking to improve the MEDrefer program and we’ve seen that Practice Managers play an integral role in the management of referrals. So we’re releasing an update to help them liaise with specialists and accept referrals in a more streamlined and efficient way.

We’ve allowed Practitioners to add all sites they practice from. When we launched, you could only add your primary site, which was frustrating for some of our users.  Specialists and Allied Health Professionals can list a different availability at each site they practice from.

Another update coming soon is an integration with leading specialist software Genie. Specialists will be able to update their availability automatically based on their appointment book and their are lots of other exciting features we’ll be offering as well.

Along with our technical updates, we’ve also expanded our staff and we’re now launching further into the world of social media, so you can contact us directly through your preferred platform if you have any questions or need support. Our staff are available 5 days per week, to help you however you need.

You can be sure that we’ll be posting more blog updates soon, as interesting new things happen in the MEDrefer world.

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